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Tie-Dye Paint Kit

Yes, you can paint! 

Last fall, Bobby Babcock joined the Garden Deva team as a painter and shipper. He contributed his signature paint technique: colorful tie-dye. This quickly became a popular element of our garden sculptures, bringing new color and cheer! 

Bobby teaches a new At-Home Tie-Dye Painting Workshop. This kit includes everything you need to make THREE tie-dye "do-wops" - including:

  1. Three mini spray paint cans
  2. Metal pieces for a Flower, Moon and Together dowop
  3. Beads and String for all three dowops
  4. Protective paper for your painting station.
Learn multiple techniques, experiment with your own paint style, and get creative! 


You will be emailed an instructional video where Bobby walks you through each step of the tie-dye process. 

All tie-dye kits will be shipped or ready for pickup by Tuesday, April 20th. 

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