Intermediate Metal Workshop

Have you taken a Beginner’s Metalworking class at Garden Deva and want to dive in further?

Join our very first Intermediate Metalworking Class!

In this small, 4-hour class you will choose from multiple project options to create a trellis, a fireplace screen, or a poetic post. Our instructors will guide you through the entire sculpture creation process, from designing a concept and torch-cutting steel, to welding and painting your completed sculpture. Our most popular designs will be available for you to create, or you can make your own design come to life! 

We are limiting the size of this class to ensure that each attendee receives ample instruction time. The class includes all safety equipment, one 4x4’ sheet of steel (additional materials may be purchased), and guidance in the creation of a sculpture from start to finish.


Attendees must have completed the Beginner’s Metal Class at Garden Deva. 

A little something extra: on the day of your class, you also receive a 30% discount on all in-store purchases and custom orders! 


Classes have a 30 min lunch break, you can bring your own lunch or are welcome to grab lunch at one of the many delicious cafes in our area! 


24-hour class cancellation/refund policy: If you are not able to attend a class, please reschedule or request a refund more than 24 hours before the class begins. 

COST: $295 per person OR $575 for two

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