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Garden Goodies Subscription Box - 40% DISCOUNT

Introducing the Garden Goodies subscription box! We are so excited to offer a big discount on our best and most popular items in a fun and cheerful package each month!

The August Small Box includes:

  • Small painted Bee Pole
  • Small painted Sunshine Pole
  • 12” painted Daffodil Flower Pole

The August Big Box includes:

  • Small painted Bee Pole
  • Small painted Swirly Butterfly Pole
  • Small painted Sunshine Pole
  • 12” painted daffodil flower pole

The August Fancy Box includes:

  • Small Whimsical Bird House, powder coated in Vista Green
  • Small painted Bee Pole
  • Small painted Sunshine Pole
  • Small painted Swirly Butterfly Pole

Order by the 20th to receive next month's box! 



For this month only (now through July 20th) when you subscribe at any tier, you will receive a FREE Small Box with your order! We can include it in your order, or ship it to a friend! When you order, we’ll contact you to find out how you’d like to receive your bonus box. Subscribe today to claim this deal!

Bonus Small Box Details:

  • This promotion applies only to subscribers, and not one-time box purchases.
  • Bonus Boxes can only be shipped with the United States.
  • The Bonus Box will include the Small Box items (listed above), regardless of the tier you subscribe to.
  • This promotion runs through July 20th, 2024.



  • Once a subscription purchase is processed, the order cannot be refunded or modified.  Any Garden Goodies subscription payments that have not yet been processed can be canceled, skipped, or modified for the next month if done before the cut-off date.
  • You only have to order once! Once you sign up, the subscription will automatically renew each month on the 20th. If you purchase a new subscription while you have an existing active subscription, you will receive multiple boxes.
  • If you would like to cancel, pause, change, or skip a month, please contact us.
  • Unsure about the status of your subscription? Give us a call at 918-592-3382. 
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