Why Us?

Artful Garden Decor

Maybe you have attended one of our art classes Tulsa and ever since have had an idea for your home or a very personal gift for a special someone in your life. This is a great reason to stop by or call Garden Deva so that you can share your ideas with us so that we can create a custom gift for you! We can take your design and turn it into a forever piece with meaning. If you have an idea and would like a little help with the completion of the design, our artists live to create! This allows you to give your loved ones unique personalized gifts that are handcrafted. We also give customers the opportunity to pick precut products that are in the shop and can get them engraved or personalized. If you are coming in for our art classes Tulsa or just want to stop by then we’d love to serve you and give you all the options!

The best thing about custom metal art is that it is a great unique gift for any of our family members. Whether grandpa or your niece you’ll be able to find a unique design and personalize it to be a sweet gift that they’ll cherish forever. During our art classes Tulsa we often see our guests use their creations as a gift after completion of the class. We love hearing the stories of how much their friend or family member adored such a personal handcrafted gift. If you don’t want to try our own hand at metal art then bring in your idea and let one of our professional gifted artists handcraft our vision for you!

Give Back:

At Garden Deva not only are we here to support local artists but also to provide art classes Tulsa to the community so that they can become their own artist as well. However, the heart of Garden Deva is rooted in using the store as an opportunity to give back. When you attend one of our art classes Tulsa you should ask your lead artist about the many charities that we have done work for and have donated to. When you shop or host an event at Garden Deva you can feel good that you are not only supporting a local business but supporting a business that also gives to local charities and establishments. Our goal is to make Tulsa, and anywhere else that our art touches, a more beautiful place whether that is from being able to give back to the community or decorate someone’s garden. We always have an event or giveback being planned so the next time you are in the shop please ask one of us on what we are currently doing to help support this lovely community that we get to call home!

Artwork from Nationally Recognized Artist Lisa Regan:

Lisa Regan is available for commissions as well. We have examples of the pieces she has created throughout Tulsa, large and small, that we’d love to share. She recently created signature cabinet panels. We can provide beautiful metal inserts for your new cabinets or if you have existing accent kitchen or bathroom cabinets with glass panels, you can upgrade with gorgeous metal panels added that will create rhythm and make a statement. Visit the studio for examples of the cabinet panels designed and hand cut by Lisa.

Each year, Lisa designs and uses her plasma torch to hand cut a few Christmas trees and holiday designs. Many of her fans in Tulsa look forward to seeing her new creations and design collections. When you stop by our shop you won’t just have the opportunity to see some of her work that graces our humble establishment but have the chance to meet her herself! We love it when she can put on one of her own art classes Tulsa to be able to show our customers the skilled craftsmanship that goes into our one of a kind pieces.

Seasonal Collections:

Limited design and production batches are our specialty! We have limited production batches with unique designs for fundraisers, schools, corporate gifts, nonprofits, reunions, you name it! We recently created custom Christmas ornaments that were brushed aluminum with an elegant unique copper hook. The two metal elements were sparkly and spectacular. Not only is this the perfect gift for friends and family members but it is a beautifully unique way to decorate your home for the holidays. Join us for one of our art classes Tulsa and be able to create a decoration for your home or a personalized gift for a loved one! If you are worried about being cramped up with family inside the house all holiday break then come check out Garden Deva. From browsing all of our art and handcrafted products to partaking in one of our art classes Tulsa, you are sure to have fun with the entire family!


Did we mention we love a party? Join us as we have events each year with live, beloved local bands. Many other artists join us to show and offer their creations. We have a Spring Fling in April, a Summer Solstice in June, and our largest event, Open Studio in November. You will hear great music, see good friends, and enjoy sculptures, jewelry and fine crafts. We also love combining these get togethers with are art classes Tulsa, if the local music and vendors isn’t enough to get you out of the house on its own!

Garden Deva Sculpture appreciates the passion of Tulsans to shop local and support businesses, craftsmen, and artists in the community. We welcome you to join us here in Tulsa to explore the shop or go to one of our art classes Tulsa, but if you can’t make it to the studio, our website is here to bring Garden Deva to you. Contact us to develop a quote for custom signs or sculptures, or check out our online store for all kinds of fun pieces!