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Saint Francis Blooms

After the tragedy at Saint Francis this week, we have experienced shock, grief, and anger in response to this obscene act of violence that took place in our community.
As members of the Tulsa community, we can easily feel helpless in the face of this tragedy. However, we believe in the healing and unifying power of creating beauty through art in the midst of pain.
We are encouraged to hear of Tulsa Community Foundation’s Saint Francis Employee Emergency Fund, which is offering “services, counseling, pastoral care, pet therapy, EAP services and more” to those affected by the events that occurred this week. They are serving both the families of the victims and employees of the Saint Francis Healthcare System.
In looking for a way to help, the best way we know how, we have created the “Saint Francis Blooms” garden pole, a combination of the Saint Francis flame and floral blooms. We are donating 30% of this pole to their Employee Emergency Fund. They are available for order only - please make your order online or in-store at 3rd & Peoria.*We are so grateful to be able to use our platform for good in Tulsa.
Supporting this fundraiser is a way you can both support Tulsa-based small business and the families of those affected, but it is not the only way to help. If you would rather donate directly to the Saint Francis Strong Emergency Fund, we would encourage you to do so at the following link:
This Sculpture is 12" tall and is painted a dark pink to light pink fade.

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