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Desert Friend

Years ago, Robert "Bobby" Babcock and his fiancé Kari traveled to the high desert in Big Bend National Park and became inspired by the untamed, beautiful wild cactus of the desert. Budding metal artists at the time, they both were inspired to create sculpture after the form of the desert cactus. 

All who appreciate the desert are friends of the desert. This sculpture symbolizes anyone - the artist, the owner, or a friend - in tandem with a saguaro cactus, as a caretaker of the gifts provided in nature. 


Each element of this sculpture has been cut by hand with a plasma torch. Both the friend and the cactus are welded to an adjoining base. The sculpture stands at 16 inches tall and 16 inches wide at its widest points. This sculpture comes in a natural steel finish, and will develop a beautiful rust patina over time if exposed to the elements. Bring home this stunning work of art and enjoy its beauty for years to come.


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