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Reach for the Stars


We are incredibly excited to partner with Love Justice to create the "Reach for the Stars" garden pole, which represents the thousands of lives rescued and the many more that have yet to be rescued from human trafficking.
We are donating 30% of sales of this sculpture to fund Love Justice's operations. 

It is estimated that 24.9 million humans are currently trapped in modern-day slavery. The scale of human trafficking can feel insurmountable, but many organizations are doing heroic work in this area.   

Love Justice partners with local governments around the world to create "border stations" in high traffic areas where victims are transported from country to country. They operate around the world, including in Nepal, South Africa and Southeast Asia. They have rescued over 20,000 people from the grip of modern-day slavery, and they have arrested hundreds of traffickers. 

We invite you to consider donating directly to Love Justice at 

The pole is 11 inches in diameter on a 30-inch pole. The pole is painted gold to represent the infinite value of each human trapped in human trafficking. 

If your order includes a Reach for the Stars pole, please allow 2 weeks for us to make your order. 


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