Here at Gift Shops Tulsa garden diva gift shops tall C can make or have someone else create your very own local sculpture right here in Tulsa Oklahoma. We are very happy with what were able to accomplish at this little store in Tulsa and will veer able to create with our team of artists. Garden Deva 406-969-5444 can find us online and also create your own shop if I accounts he can actually be the first and latest and sign up with your email updates he can get the latest and greatest discounts and sales and as well as new releases. To go online to our website and fill out with your email and send out and then send it to us and you will get regular updates of anything new and great happening here at garden diva. Remember we do want be able to share with you by actually sharing your our knowledge and imparting her wisdom with you by actually having beginner classes where we surely had a weld and as well has put on your to get your own little sculpture.

Here at Gift Shops Tulsa garden diva we have beginners metal classes which will begin in February of course class sizes are limited and usually the beginner we have beginner friendly ones which connects I have bring a friend and have a fun time with your girlfriend and also added to our Saturday classes well we can add you how to use a plasma torch and then also weld and create your own little creation and then our structures will actually guide you through the entire process at creating multiple garden sculptures of your very and that you can then take up with you. But of course you need to be able to Skype sign up on the so that we can make sure we have enough people in the class as well as making sure we do not have too many people in the class and right now you can actually get 15% off your first order with us here I garden diva.

We can also teach you how to stack ring creation. What is stack green creation right now with this workshop we don’t have any classes available at this time the course and it might begin later in the winter or in the spring but of course you want to family be able to join us for a ring making class. This is at creating like a three sterling silver rings stack with sin semiprecious stones complete great something really beautiful you can even use your own birthstone as the semi precious stone. This is a great time for fun and introduction especially in working with sterling several with some great teachers. diva phone number. Diva phone 918-592-3382.

Of course and we do have a class that can teach you how to make bagels and earrings. There of course are no classes at this time the course will have some later in the year 2021 now with the bagels and earrings creation class we can create help you create three unique pairs of areas that are either made by copper enamel or gold leaf. And this will be allow us as teachers to teach you how to stamp form and enable your earrings and then these there’s bagels. Not bagels the food but bagels the jewelry. This will be will be exit actually it’s not earrings or metal actual getting bagels from old-school bagels for breakfast. If there will be food. Who doesn’t love food. So please pray sure order for breakfast ordering the order notes at checkout when you sign up for the bagels and earrings workshop.

So contact us today at 918-592-3382 or go to for additional information and learn more about diva and all things happening when it comes to creating your very own Tulsa sculpture right here at gift shops Tulsa we love what we dearly want to be able to earn your business and show you just exactly what we are doing and how beautiful of creation you can create yourself using our workshops.

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So we had a workshop and and other intensities here at garden diva garden number garden website and find all this information viewed actually had to go to our website and also take it manage of any kind of first order off any discounts off orders that you order right now right now we can get 15% off your first order. And of course sign up for one of our beginning classes under workshops and intentions. Gift shops Tulsa. 918-592-3382 the website

So one of our Gift Shops Tulsa two day intensive that we hold here garden diva is our beginner’s metalsmithing and this is a two day intensive at the next class would actually be January 9 and 10th from 9 AM to 3:30 PM and you can click to see more on the website for additional information. so if you go to our website we explain a little bit more about what is involved with the beginning metalsmithing class and just to show you upfront at the class is $295 but we can split it up into four payments of $73.75 using after pay you can join us for this today extensive and its base and it’s on the basics of metalsmithing I describe class provides all new beginners the knowledge of working with metals sterling silver copper brass and and even creating one kind of jewelry just for you or even a family member this is a great opportunity for you to hang out with your friends or make something for somebody’s birthday.

Also you can go home with several jewelry pieces that you created got by yourself with the help of our assistance and her teachers and you can actually get them as gifts to somebody you love or you will be selfish and keep it for yourself. 918-592-3382 garden diva once be able to create with you and build lasting memories with you and your family. Give McCall the days to see what you are able to get as well as be the first to get updates and new releases a new sales and discounts by signing up with your email today.

Gift shops Tulsa. With this getting metalsmithing class at two day intensive what is covered during this class and during these two hours is actually piercing so that means sign metals the soldiering silver and basic jewelry construction and different techniques of how to do it. You can also use basil stone setting vision and finishing and with this beginning metals class and we will provide additional metal and stones available for purchase. If you are addicted to it after this today intensive and you want to buy more stuff to be able to do more and contact yesterday and sign up for the class.

Also with this class this today intensive of metalsmithing is where it actually can be assets can be at the garden diva sculpture company the address is 1326 E. 3rd St., Tulsa and when is it to be Saturday and Sunday, January 9 and 10th from 9 AM to 3:30 PM you can sign up with a friend and also receive a 15 on $15 off discount. And we need to let you know that we do have a safety policy because you can be around metal and others kind of sharp objects and we want to make sure that you always operating with safety in mind. Leo’s take extra precautions we would make sure that you are as well selecting sanitizing or studio increasing the number of tools we have available as well as tone down the tool sharing as well as increasing workspace so that students are 6 feet apart and limiting the class size to 16 only. So this will be available for you to sign up online and let us know if you’re if you can be an individual or if you bring a friend. So let us know sign up online today. And add to cart.