Here at gift shops Tulsa garden deva is creating new creation to new discounts every single day especially for the Christmas holiday and other holidays coming up. So he waiting for 918-592-3382 you can also shop online are shut I account as well as see if any upcoming advances or metalworking workshops. He also contact us by clicking on our contact page and you also get email updates is on verse on new projects as well as new additions in new sales and inventory by signing up with your email and sending and sending it to us today. We love what we do we want to build a new wiki.

If you’re looking for some new gifts and new gift ideas for the holidays up coming up or surrogate for Valentine’s Day for your special someone and check out located in Tulsa Oklahoma. If shops Tulsa we do all sorts of collections when it comes to Christmas holiday fall items as well as school items to represent your high school middle school or elementary school. We also do creative and one-of-a-kind items made just for you if you’re looking to do so go on side of our website and look at our featured items on our website under the tab called shop there you will find Christmas items Christmas sculptures Christmas trees divas fall featured items gifts under $50 hanging items items that represent Jinks high school and more.

We also have sculptures that show Oklahoma pride other ornaments pets for creative pets represent your favorite pet poles to hang things outside sale items items for summer tie-dye items as well as trellises and more information about featured items. If you have a certain football team basketball team baseball team that you want to show pride for just let us know which team you are on we can make a specialty item just for you. Do you have a kid that plays football or you get that place given sport or maybe have a daughter that’s a cheerleader we can Jeffrey make you what kind item to show your love for your favorite cheerleader.

Called 918-592-3382 or go to find out more about gift shops Tulsa about her new creation to new discounts that we have coming up. Right now we have a 10 we have a discount of getting 15% off your first order and of course getting money off your free for your shipping if it’s over hundred and $25. Let’s tell you little bit more about her future items that we have coming up this month we have all the Christmas items that are features we have Christmas trees Christmas sculptures other ornaments new arrivals and the garden diva times doing good and plus tie-dye. What are all our tie-dye there’s look like one of the best thing to do is actually by going online visiting our website looking at the featured items in finding your favorite and then putting them into your cart.

So remember the name garden diva gift shops Tulsa you can find this online you can also find us on interest twitter Facebook Insta Graham and other places. But most importantly you want to get a look of our new items that are happening now as well as get discounts off your first order go online to or call diva number 918-592-3382.

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Get the latest updates from garden diva and everything happening here at gift shops Tulsa. 918-592-3382 for any tips tricks as well as new orders new sales new arrivals and also giving back programs. We are also offering 15% off your first order as well as discounts off your shipping with orders $125 and over of course if you are on a budget we do have items under $50.

Here at Gift Shops Tulsa garden diva we level we do want to be able to show you just how Zach how much we you mean to us. Comes they always offering beginner classes and workshops to show you exactly how to create creations of your very own using sterling silver other metals like copper or red brass. Make something new for your special someone this Valentine’s Day and also check out our website and contact us using our contact us page today and we can get you new updates any discounts anytime you sign up with your email today.

Garden diva has a lot of good fun things happen and this weekend we won the end of this month and we want to make sure you’re able to make something before Valentine’s Day. But if you’re also looking to have something fun to do with your girlfriends on the weekend look at her workshops at going out for beginners and well as well as intermediates because we got workshops going on to make help make three ringed ring with us precious stone using sterling silver can also help to show you how to weld and create your own very own piece whether via Chris assortment or whether you would be able to show your pride for your favorite university or favor high school. Or you will be able to show pride for Oklahoma the great state of a coma. We also can help you and show you how to create your own hanging sculpture of a very him and also get you and help you create a VFW variant to give to someone special.

Here at gift shops Tulsa garden diva we want to be able to share the latest updates with you especially new arrivals. Of course if you want to be able to stock up for next Christmas we have still featured items such as Christmas ornaments Christmas trees and Christmas sculptures. So anyway for question Michael had stuck up in some new Christmas items for next year and also go over and what new arrivals we have going on today and also show your some school spirit by getting some great hanging or signs to go on the front yard show your school spirit today.

Garden diva this one-of-a-kind shop located right here in the heart of Tulsa and we want to be able to show our pride for normal media for the state but also creating some new up-to-date as well as cute little things that you put in your home put in your yard or hang up on your front porch. We also did some great tie-dye which are really fun and even better we can create some similar fund statues that you never knew backyard or create a fun backyard with your pool ends show all your friends. 918-592-3382