Here at Gift Shops Tulsa garden diva gift shops also we are all about creating lasting memories with family and friends so that you can find time with friends in one of our workshops whether it’s metalsmithing putting years together argument was stirring several making your very own ring with your precious stone. Have we have on our lot on our website a workshops tab where you can see what all other coming events we have going on and you can also follow us on twitter Facebook Pinterest Google as well as emailing us at garden D that. 918-592-3382 All the information is on our social media platform’s as well as on our website. The difficulty went out the things we have going on right now and make beautiful jewelry of your very own with the help of our teachers and assistants today.

You can also Gift Shops Tulsa come on down and actually buy from her spot if I shopping so where you can actually also sign up for recent updates as well as garden diva updates be the first ones the only sales discounts new releases and we can deliver all that to your email adjusted so you know exactly what is happening here at garden diva. We also want to make sure they were number one in customer care so you will have you can actually sign up with your own account he was in wholesale as well as the custom work and contact us anytime any day of day or night. We also want to ensure our customers that work and have a quick turnaround. All items are actually handmade from our team of artists we usually tell everybody that should allow one to two weeks for fabrication. We also want to make sure that we’re turning out of high-quality products were not cutting any corners.

So we accept payments on our website we can accept Apple pay MasterCard Discover card visa Google pay and we have products on Amazon and we also accept American Express. So go online head on over to garden diva powered by shop a fight and you will be able to see all the great discounts were having as well and you can also get 15% off your first order and you can also follow us on Facebook instrument and also email us at Login today with your account and see all the great things that are happening here garden diva today we would be able to spoil you and show you all the amazing and cute things you can get on garden diva’s website today.

Gift shops Tulsa is the place to be when it comes to getting your very own jewelry sterling silver copper or brass may jewelry. Come to garden diva garden number or guarded diva number for all the tips and tricks in every single sale that we have going on right now get 15% off your first order or get free shipping on any orders hundred and $25 or over. We can also follow some shuffle social media like Facebook instrument twitter interest and more.

Here at garden diva we love to do and we love were able to create here in our shop whether it’s metalsmithing or jewelry making we want to be able to share with you and actually allow you to share with a friend whether it is learning basic jewelry techniques or sold during seller shouldering setting and finishing or basic air beginning with metals and additional metals will be for purchase views every few attend one of our workshops. 918-592-3382

Here at garden diva we level we do we want to be able to share it with you and have a fun time with you as well and it’s also fun because you’re learning something the same time so learning a skill here garden diva and sign up for one of our workshops. On the information about our workshops and intensities are can be online to see how much is gonna cost for today intensive as well as the dates these intensive’s will be happening. Garden website 918-592-3382. Contact us today and see what it all is happening here at the fun and fabulous garden diva today located in Tulsa.

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Find us online and social media gift shops Tulsa garden deva that. We’ve got amazing beginning metalsmithing classes as well as additional classes to help you learn how to build jewelry and also be able to create your own ring so that you can have one of your very own that you made with your very own hands or by gifting your friends and families and the women in your life a beautiful piece of jewelry you made by yourself. 918-592-3382 garden D that is the place to be difficult today.

We level we do here at Gift Shops Tulsa garden email and we want to be to share with you so go online to our website you can shop on her shopper fights and see the amazing deals that we have going on as well as take advantage of any discounts and coupons. Right now we are having a 15% off sale on your first order and also you can get free shipping on any amount I’m garden diva merchandise if it’s $125 or above. Take a vantage of it now there’s no telling how long it may last. So if you’re a constant purchaser of garden diva merchandise you deftly want to be able to sign up for email updates we can actually be the first one to know about new cells and new discounts.

Here garden diva you can make pendants brooches earrings and one-of-a-kind sterling silver rings year made out of silver carp or copper or brass. Get this is a gift to someone you love on a special holiday you have Valentine’s Day coming up cement take a time to be billed make yourself a special someone something special with garden diva and our workshops. We level we do we want to be of the crate with you as well so remember diva is the place to be. Garden diva garden diva gift shops Tulsa garden diva. Diva. here at garden deva but we always want to pursue the excellence in metalsmithing jewelry making and more. Call 918-592-3382 or go to for information today.

Shop online with us here and also call to reach out to us to see any discounts of any kind by calling 918-592-3382 see what is happening here at garden diva and on social media as well to see all the happenings here and what is we are doing here when it comes to workshops featured items as well as metal intentions. We lived here. Earn your business and know all about what is going on in your life as well as sharing you new basic knowledge of Jewish creation and construction techniques as well.

Here at garden deva you can find all the latest tips and tricks about dealing and working with sterling silver copper red brass and how to make one kind of one-of-a-kind jewelry. We can help you create brooches earrings necklaces and pendants from all sorts of jewelry pieces in all types of metals. To find out more addition information about workshops and other incentives for beginners and intermediate go to our website or call us at the number 918-592-3382 today. New