Show your creativity with Gift Shops In Tulsa gift shops and Tulsa Garden Deva. Garden Deva 918-592-3382 we want to be able to let your creativity cite out especially in a creative way using something creative right here in the heart of Tulsa. You can do it here with Eva and we want to be able to create your own jewelry custom jewelry as well as your own creative sculpture or gear creative sign. Give us a call today and find out more information about our sales as well as her workshops and intensive’s today.

Here at Garden Deva we want to be able to help you learning a skill like welding as well as how to handle her plasma torch so you can actually make your own jewelry your own sculpture here own sign. The activities to create a fun atmosphere for you and your friends so that you can be involved and have something new to do and Tulsa area. We never want you to feel like you can’t do something we just want to be able to make sure that in a safe manner so with our workshops we are limiting the number of students to six and we are making sure that we are practicing social distancing as well as making sure they were sanitizing the whole studio between each class.

So go online to see what kind of workshops we had this year right now our next upcoming class will be in February 20 and the 27th and I will be class times between and 90 and and 12 PM and also 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM. I’m that would be our metalwork shopping and you can learn how to weld using our plasma torch as well as build your own sign and as well as build your own sculpture or ornament or hanging item. You can also go to our beginner metal sniffing for you can learn how to make your own jewelry. We’ll go to the basic knowledge as was the basic construction of jewelry pieces for you to build bill failed your own creative jewelry or be able to build some jewelry for a special someone in your life.

Gift shops in Tulsa liked like the are very rare and when they are here you get me want to be able to take advantage of some of the sales discounts and unique items that you will find in their store and on their online stores well. To create your own account on their website and you can begin filling your car with unique items that you like and if you are a kind of on a budget maybe a Christmas shopping for shopping for birthday gift we do have gifts for under $50. But you should know right now we actually have a sale going on with the discount of 15% it on your first order and you will also get and 50% off your shipping if your orders hundred and one $25 or above.

Do not we do not hesitate to take advantage of gift shops in Tulsa like diva. They know exactly what game you know exactly how to build and weld exempt what you need B a unique sign of urine for your very own business in your small business are you looking to build a sculpture that can put in your front yard on your porch or in your backyard. Or maybe would be able to put in front of your office building to show you know the business name as well. You can also make a sign on to show Europa, pride as well as build a sign of your very own to show your pride in your favorite University football team or your high school football team.

In Need Of Phenomenal Gift Shops In Tulsa?

Show some creativity by creating your own unique creation like a unique sign or sculpture with gift shops in Tulsa diva. 918-592-3382 They are new to Tulsa they create new creations such as sculptures as well as ornaments trestles hanging items ornaments poles and so much more. Find out for yourself all the things that they had happening by going and jumping on the shop I count on their website or call them and you can go and meet them at their physical store. They are located at 1326 E. 3rd St., Tulsa, OK 74120 and you can also call them with any additional questions you might have.

Right now they’re Gift Shops In Tulsa holding certain workshops in February and in March and if you would be able to sign up for those be sure to do so quickly because they only have six hot spots left because of social distancing they make sure that they sanitizing the whole station and making sure that anybody who is coming to you I do workshops whether it’s a welding workshop to build a sign or or sculpture or whether it’s one of their jewelry making workshops be sure to sign up quickly they do fill up fast and the do you have you can pay sign up online as well as pay online if you are the only individual and it’s an individual sign of its $50 a visit to purchase confine of the hundred and 50.

The next workshop is February 20 the next one after that is February 27 and one after that is March 8 and the one after that is March 13 all four classes are actually the starting times are either 9 AM or 8:48 AM to 12 PM or 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM. To pick a time that works best for you and for your friend and sign up today.

Do not found the opportunity to show some creativity and make something unique for yourself or for a family member. Your family or friends will love her to get an A because the best gift shop in Tulsa is not other than diva. They love video I may continually always surprised everybody with new creations that they present on their website as well as in their store. Go see them physically at their store or you can go visit them online. Be sure to know exactly what you want there’s a lot of options he can actually fill your car with anything you want and if you actually the budget we do have some items that are great gifts for $50 and below.

Gift shops in Tulsa like diva are very rare and very unique to Tulsa. So do something new with your friends and family this weekend and take part in a welding workshop or the unique gift for someone who’s has a birthday coming up or I get something made up for your significant other for Valentine’s Day. I’m sure they will love it because it came from you and you made it yourself. So you can do workshops or intensive’s or you can meet with a member of our team one of our artist can actually make you creative and item or sculpture and they can now begin building it for you you should know that they ask that they usually reserve one to two weeks for fabrication before they send it out at in the mail. So yeah I can do one to two weeks for fabrication.