Find best gift shops Tulsa on social media at garden divas the place to be deepest place to be just 918-592-3382 learn more about us as well as on honor in Sudan at and also follow us on Facebook Insta Graham twitter and even Pinterest. Gives call with field talk with you especially get any information from you especially if you want a very own sculpture made from one of our great artists here at Garden Deva. We are located in Tulsa Oklahoma at 1326 E. 3rd St., Tulsa, OK 74120 where an art gallery here in Tulsa and can can also connect us on messenger on Facebook as well as our hours of operation are Monday to Friday 10 AM to 5 PM.

Of course we want to Best Gift Shops Tulsa be able to schedule time to read sitdown with one of our great artist and find the most suitable type of sculpture you want. Right now were having a 15% off sale your first order. And we want you to know that we are actually and accepting donations after eco-friendly or read your old boxes. We will also give you five dollars off your purchase per box that you hand us. We always want to make sure that were being eco-friendly here at Garden Deva.

So if you want to help your local small business as well as the environment for every usable box you bring Garden Deva we will donate or you donate to the but we will take five dollars off your purchase we want you to support us and every box donated counts. 918-592-3382 we are also having our beginners metals metal workshop on February 20 so if you wanted to be able to join us and also bring a friend please RSVP and sign up today. Spots to fill up fast. We know 20/20 was a crazy year and 21 2021 can be even better so we want to be even more creative especially with their beginner metal workshops in February and in March.

So come on and turn on the creative side of yours. So our creative workshops are coming up and those are February 20 the 27th March 13 as well as March 20 both will both of them will start at 90 am ago to 12 PM or 1230 to 3:30 PM you can learn how to use our plasma torch as well as weld and assisted to our Saturday class for the beginning beginners metal workshop and you can also during that time during the process of creating multiple garden sculptures of your very own. They began on Saturday and you can definitely take it with a friend of course, size is limited limited so you get me to sign up today. And for one participant to join this upcoming in the $80 for two participants at the hundred and 50 sign up with your friend and get $10 off today.

Here at Garden Deva we are all about creating a vision and we want to be able to help you create a vision and a creative way. So right now without holiday stock is now 50% off online and in-store until the end of the day. Were also going to celebrate the new year with an incredible sale on some Tulsa sculpture metal art. Best gift shops Tulsa.

Need The Best Gift Shops Tulsa?

Create something unique and one-of-a-kind here at best gift shops Tulsa D back today. We can find us on Facebook and Strand twitter and Pinterest to find something creative or build something creative yourself. That is why we hold, constant workshops and intensities to teach you how to weld and how to handle a plasma torch so you can make your very own creation Weatherby earrings creative whole trellises ornaments or a hanging ornament for your outdoor patio or backdoor patio today.

Garden Deva is a Best Gift Shops Tulsa  one-of-a-kind store located right here in the heart of Tulsa Oklahoma and we are continually always having opening up your creative side become the Paschal tour of your very own. It’s time to be able to create something of your very and that your family and friends would love. So give us a call would love to be in the find more information about you as well as involve you in any discounts that were having right now especially in the new year of this 2021 also want to reward you with any new discounts and sales on discounted items new arrivals as well sell items. So our hours of operation are 10 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday and of course you can find us online social media and see pictures of people who have actually their own creation through Garden Deva. You can contact us to get started on variance culture today and make your very own custom sign.

We have some fabulous Christmas tree ornaments still left in our gallery and so you should come and grab them today. So be ready for to stock up on you Christmas and new original Christmas items for Christmas holiday next year as well as get ready for some Valentine’s Day gifts and even better Mother’s Day gifts as well towards your family or your friends or maybe of someone who’s coming having a birthday coming up and award them with something unique that they have never had before. The visitor Tulsa gallery and store or online today. We have some great ornaments you can find us at 1326 E. 3rd St., Tulsa, OK 74120. Remember my

knowAll Requesting 30% off holiday clear out sale this on December 19 for more information follow us on socially or go online to our shop at your shop if I count on our website. We great Scott some great holiday clear out sales happening right now see God to give in general before something is gone but you love. The last chant failed to get all your Christmas items.

Reach out to us today if you see an item online and you love and you want to get it before it’s gone. Of course Garden Deva 918-592-3382 has all that you want and I’ll address any questions that you have a special you want to be able to sign up for workshop and intensive and you and see if there any spots left or maybe if someone even dropped out of the workshop. We have dates coming up in February and March the need to sign up now especially if you want to be able to bring a friend. If you want if it’s just yourself coming to one of our upcoming workshops is actually $50 and if it can be to participants in a workshop it can be hundred and $50 so sign up today before it is to it before the spot is filled. Take advantage best gift shops Tulsa Garden Deva today.