Garden Deva provides the best art classes Tulsa has to offer. We are a local metal fabrication company and our studio that specializes in holding workshops and art classes for our amazing community here in Tulsa. Many people love to take a day aside from their busy schedules you learn from a professional artist and create a piece of art work they will treasure forever. Our amazing classes provide you just that. Our classes are all taught by our professional artist, Lisa. You are able to learn the art of metal fabrication and how to create something beautiful out of it.

We hope that you consider taking the best art classes Tulsa with us here at Garden Deva. We are a very affordable our studio that is able to teach hundreds of people each month about creating artwork out of metal. Each class has a different price based on what you will be creating during that time. Most of our classes are less than $100, and you will be able to keep the beautiful artwork that you create. Many of our classes include jewelry making or metal smithing. We are able to provide you with the best service no matter what class you take and we can assure you that the cost will be worth the fun and experience that you will have with us here at Garden Deva.

Along with being the best art classes Tulsa has to offer, we also offer an extensive online shop that showcases all of our beautiful artwork. Garden Deva has been selling artwork for over 20 years, see you can ensure that we have great quality and experience in each piece that is created. We specialize in yard and garden find that look beautiful at any home or business. You will be able to shop our designs on our website, and you can count on a quick and easy delivery service. Most of our designs are very affordable, we even have a section that includes gifts for under $50.

It is important that you understand the difference between shopping local and at a corporate store. When you from a local artist, you are investing in their livelihood and art career. Each piece that they sell is putting bread on their table. Many artists work their whole lives to be able to sell enough artwork to make a living out of this career. It is a very great thing to shop local over corporate when it comes to artwork. You will receive a great quality product that you will treasure forever, especially if it is a custom piece.

When you shop local, you can expect to pay a bit higher price than at a corporate store. However we try keep affordability in mind when we offer both are our work and workshops to the community. You will not regret the investment that you make to support artists and have a little fun while doing so. We recommend that you visit our website at so that you can shop online. You can also give us a call if you are wanting to order a custom piece or sign up for a local workshop at 918-592-3382.

What Makes Your Art Classes The Best Art Classes Tulsa Has?


The best art classes Tulsa is found our amazing company, garden diva. You will receive a unique experience when you either come to a workshop or order a custom art piece from our amazing company. You’ll be very impressed with the quality of service that we provide each customer, whether not be over the phone or in person. We really wish to provide our services and products to our local community and even around the world. We are passionate about what we do, and we want that to show through our beautiful artwork.

Along with the best art classes Tulsa has to offer, garden diva is your go to shop for custom metal fabrication. We specialize in metal artwork of all kinds. We love to create beautiful garden signs that light up your yard. We create our designs for homes, gardens, and businesses. Our goal in mind is to create beautiful and whimsical piece that yourself and others will enjoy a for many years to come. Our beautiful artwork is pretty unique, especially in our community. There are not a lot of people who specialize in metal artwork, which makes this a little different from their artists in the area.

The best art classes Tulsa are our amazing metal artwork workshops. This is a very unique experience, compared to normal drying or painting workshops that you are used to. You will learn how to use tools and skills that are sure to impress you, and we will teach you the proper way to create your our work. It is a cool experience to learn a skill that you have never tried before. This is why we recommend our amazing workshops to people of all ages and skill levels. We want to share our passion with our local community and even to our customers around the world shop online.

Because our products are unique, this makes us a great place to get your custom work. If you want something in your yard that no one else will ever have, then you need to contact our artist about creating a custom piece just for you. This is a great way for you to show your passion for local artist by displaying a beautiful piece in your yard. Our custom artist also specializes in creating business signs, custom walls or gates, and even home address numbers. We hope that you contact us when you have a custom artwork need in mind.

Whether you are wanting a beautiful and unique artwork created just for you, or you want to create one yourself, then you need to contact us at garden diva. You will love your unique experience in our beautiful art studio and you are sure to tell all your friends about the experience that you have with us. Please visit our website at and we hope that you give us a call at 918-592-3382 for any questions or concerns they might have. You will not regret trying our amazing products that are custom in unique just for you.