Garden Deva has the best art classes Tulsa that you will ever find. If you’re interested in attending an art class or workshop, then you need to check out our amazing company. Many other art classes in the local area are not as fine or interesting as ours. We can assure you that will thoroughly enjoy your time spent with us here at garden company. It will be unlike any other class experience you’ve ever had, as our main medium is metal fabrication. You will learn more about our specific art medium, and how to create beautiful pieces out of it.

We are the top service provider in the area, as we have the best art classes Tulsa has to offer. Garden company is an amazing company that is founded by our head artist, Lisa. She had a vision over 20 years ago to create beautiful metal artwork that can be displayed in homes and gardens. Her artwork is bright, whimsical, and unique. She also had a dream to teach others how she creates her artwork. This is when she created her art classes and workshops that happen every single weekend. The workshops are very popular in our area, as they are very unique.

When you attend the best art classes Tulsa at garden company, you the top service provider. We approach every customer with the same positive attitude, and encourage them to use their creative abilities to create beautiful artwork in our classes. We provide a wonderful atmosphere to learn and work in, which is why we are a wonderful class for all skill levels. We encourage anyone and everyone to try out one of our classes, as it will be a very unique experience. We can promise the best customer service that you’ve ever seen in our class, because we want you to feel comfortable and welcome.

Other service providers in the area do not care as much about their customers as we do. We promise after you complete one of our classes that you want to come back and enjoy another one. We look forward to establishing a relationship with each of our customers so that they will want to come back and continue creating with us. We encourage each customer to truly let out any stress that they have and focus on creating something beautiful. We will teach anyone how to do the artwork that we deal, and you will enjoy the learning process.

If you have been searching for the perfect our class in Tulsa, then you need to get a hold of us here at garden company as soon as possible. You can browse our website for the workshops and classes that we offer at We hope you give us a call to learn more about our company or our workshops and we look forward to speaking with you. We will answer any questions he might have and will provide you with the best service in the area of Tulsa.

Do You Know If You Have The Best Art Classes Tulsa Has?


We can assure you that the best art classes Tulsa are found at our amazing company, Garden Deva. We are a local artist studio and metal fabrication shop where we specialize in creating metal sculptures for homes and gardens. Our amazing artist, Lisa, enjoys making beautiful artwork out of metal and turning it into something that you would want to stick in your yard. Her artwork is very unique and inspiring. This is why she created her amazing workshops and art classes for the community to enjoy.

If you have been searching for the best art classes Tulsa for yourself or someone in your family, you will be sure to enjoy the workshops provided by garden deva. We hope that you consider looking into our amazing services because they are so different from any other art class that you have ever seen. You will truly love the amazing atmosphere that is created at garden deva. We strive to create an atmosphere of creativity and a stress free environment. We hope that you are able to take time for yourself to enjoy and relax a creative art experience.

The best art classes Tulsa offers are definitely at our amazing studio in downtown Tulsa. You will have an experience unlike anything else you’ve seen when you stop by one of our workshops or classes. We provide workshops for people of all ages and skill levels, and we will teach you everything you need to know about metal fabrication. We hope that you are able to take some time aside from your busy schedule to enjoy a relaxing and creative day in our studio. You will be very surprised at how much you enjoy our amazing classes and workshops.

After stopping by one of our workshops, we can assure you that you want to come back. All of our customers are a little skeptical at first, because is the art medium that we use. Most people are unfamiliar with metal fabrication, which is why we love to teach it to our community. After learning this medium, you will be surprised at how easy it is to pick up. We can assure you that you want to keep coming back to create more beautiful our work for you and your family to enjoy.

If you’ve been searching for a while for the best art class for you or a family member, then you need to try out the garden deva. You should give our website a visit to learn more information about our company and the experiences that we offer for you. You can find our website at and repeat many reviews that our customers have left us. You can also shop from our store for beautiful artwork for your home and garden. If you want to give us a call to talk more about the workshops that we offer, then you can reach us at 918-592-3382. We hope that you reach out so that we can find out how to best serve you.