You will be glad to find the best art classes Tulsa here at Garden Deva. We are an studio and metal fabrication company here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our location is near downtown Tulsa, where we love to serve the community with our creative artwork. We encourage the community to be involved in local art and we are a place that other artists can showcase their work. We love to teach others about our passion and we do that through our amazing classes and workshops that we offer. Anyone and everyone is able to attend our workshops, which occur almost every single weekend.

Our amazing founder had a goal to be best art classes Tulsa. Lisa, our founder, began creating beautiful metal sculptures in 1996, hoping to fill homes, gardens, and businesses with beautiful and happy artwork. Her whimsical pieces have been selling successfully for over two decades. She tells her artwork both person, at our amazing studio, or online on our website. You will be able to even request a custom art piece from her, if you do not see a piece that you had in mind. It was her goal to teach others the creative and amazing talent best. This is why she started making workshops and classes for the local community to enjoy.

The best art classes Tulsa is sure to be found at our amazing company at Garden Deva. We really care about customers experience and our amazing classes, which is why we feast with careful steps and provide a wonderful atmosphere to be creative. We are very encouraging and uplifting, and we try to bring out the creative abilities in each of our customers. Our amazing founder partnered with another family in 2017 to has taken care of the business side of our operation. Now our founder, Lisa, is able to lay on her creative direction as our main artist and teacher. She fills our gallery with new pieces very often.

You’ll be very impressed with the amazing art and art classes that you can find here at Garden Deva. We truly hope to provide our community with a creative pallet that is fine and positive. If you are very stressful or looking for a new fun hobby, then you should try our amazing workshops and classes that happen every single weekend. We were about to have you drop in and browse our gallery, where you can learn more information about our company.

We hope that you reach out to us via our website or phone so that we can learn more about you and serve you best. Our amazing website,, is the best place to find out more information about our services and our company. You also be able to shop our artists amazing work through our website. You give at 918-592-3382 that you can experience the amazing customer service that we offer. We are willing to answer any questions he might have about our company or our workshops.

Where Can I Find The Best Art Classes Tulsa Has To Offer Me?


The best art classes Tulsa are sure to be found at Garden Deva. We are a local art studio and metal fabrication company that specializes in beautiful metal artwork for your garden, home, or business. We’ve been in business for over two decades into a very experienced when it comes to classes and workshops. We offer a wide variety of workshops that include metal sculpting, jewelry making, and even hand stamping. If you reasons that you would want to get in contact with us here at Garden Deva are to buy one of our amazing artworks, stop by and enjoy a class, or browse our gallery.

Here at Garden Deva, we not only provide the best art classes Tulsa, but we also provide an amazing art workshop on our website. Our founder and main artist, Lisa, is an incredible metal sculptor who sells her beautiful art pieces to the public on our website. She’s been selling both commissions and original pieces for over 20 years very successfully. You will be able to browse the many different types of garden signs and statues they are available on our website. If you have a custom piece in mind that you would like to contact her about, then you can do that through our website or phone. She is available to give you a custom quote for the piece that you have in mind.

If you’re wanting to enjoy the best art classes Tulsa, then you need to come to Garden Deva. We offer many different experiences in our studio that range from metal crafting to jewelry making. We use an art medium that is not very common in our area, which is what makes our class is very unique. You will never experience a class like ours, where you will learn so much. You will be able to take your creative ability and use them to create something beautiful. We hope that you check out our website for more information about the amazing services that we offer.

If you are wanting to just browse our gallery, we encourage you to stop by our amazing art studio in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. Many people get very inspired by just looking at different types of art, which is why we love to welcome people into our studio every day. Whether you are interested in buying a piece of art, or attending a workshop, we encourage you to stop by and check out our amazing company at Garden Deva. You will not regret stopping and enjoying the beautiful artwork that we have displayed in our studio. Not only do we have our own artists work, but we also have other local our work as well.

We hope that you contact us soon if you are wanting to buy in amazing artwork, attend a workshop, or browse our beautiful gallery. You can get in contact with us through both phone and website. If you visit our website at you will be able to see all of the workshops that we offer. You can also give us a phone call at 918-592-3382 and we can answer any questions that you might have.