As far as Art Classes Tulsa goes we are the absolute best service in the area. That being said, we all are always trying to find new people and interesting items to place in our gallery. We offer the best service in the area because we cover such a wide variety of different items. If you are going to our webpage and take a peek at our upcoming art classes you will see a lot of the different deals that we have going on.

Our Art Classes Tulsa are very popular this time and many people really enjoy going to them. Go ahead and click on to the upcoming art classes page right on our website and you will see at the very top menu button so say $15 when you book with a friend. Very immediately below this it will read please see the bottom of this page for our current safety policies. As you scroll down you’ll see the very first option that we offer for in our class. This option is labeled as fold forming copper and it is a great way to create copper cuffs.

So, once you go look for Art Classes Tulsa and you click this part then you will see that the fold forming copper is an incredibly amazing thing. If you join us we are having this class on Saturday, July 25 and we will learn this. This class is instructed by Bruce Carter and he come from tallgrass designs. He is doing a great job of creatively showcasing all different pieces in the studio here. In the class you will learn four basic techniques for forming copper and these techniques incorporate different creative pieces such as earrings and pendants.

If you were to scroll down a little bit further you’ll see some more pictures and you will see on the right-hand column bit more information. It will tell you the address which is 1326 E. 3rd St. which is right out our class studio. It will been say when the event takes place which is Saturday, July 11 from 9 AM – 12 PM, or Saturday, July 25 from one – 4 PM. Also, you will note that lunch will be provided. Again, you can sign a friend of for a 15% discount and we know that they will really appreciate it. Still further if you scroll down you’ll see the actual word in text of our safety policy.

Below this title you will see that we are taking extra precautions in order to ensure the safety of everyone who takes a class with us. Below this you’ll see that were taking the proper precautions to limit the class sizes only six students. In addition to this we are increasing all the workspace so that our students are always 6 feet apart and we continue to increase the number of tools we have available so that there is very minimal tool sharing. Everything that we have in there is completely sanitized whether that be necessary or not. We do incredible job of accommodating people and you can sign up right on that page for the class. We really look forward to hearing from you or seeing you.

Art Classes Tulsa | What Makes Your Art Stand-out?

As far as Art Classes Tulsa we are absolutely the most unique in the area or anywhere else for that matter. One way the mix is extremely unique is on our website under the section that reads copper spoon creation. Under this you will see a price for it or you’ll see option for an interest free payment of four sections. What you close below this is that you are able to join us on Saturday, July 18 for copper spoon creation. We inform you of this class is instructed by Bruce Carter and he is somebody who is currently showcasing pieces with us.

This is just one of the many Art Classes Tulsa that we offer and we think that you will be extremely happy with the benefit of that house for you and whoever you bring along. Another class that we offer and that we are very proud of is labeled as stacked ring creation. This is incredibly effective and amazing way for you to get out of the house and to be creative while the same time having the sense of accomplishment they so desire. It is of the same location as all the other ones.

In addition to these Art Classes Tulsa we have some of the ones that you might be interested in. All of these different classes are unique in of themselves and they only add to the fact that we are more unique. One classes is labeled bagels and earrings. At this you will really have a great day because you’ll enjoy some bagels and then right after that you will be able to have the earring creation class. This will be an incredible opportunity for you to have fun.

We love the fact that we are able to teach you different things at the classes as well. These classes of that huge source of inspiration for many, but they have also been a big source of stress and anxiety management. It is very therapeutic to be able to create are especially with a bunch of other people around. We also have a metal stamping class which is somewhat people always raved about and always get excited about. Another class that we offer is called the enamel on copper class.

In this enamel on, class you will be able to play with color which is very exciting for everybody involved. In addition to all of these we also have a beginning metalsmithing class. This class serves as a two day intensive and is absolutely comprehensive but it is well worth it. The intermediate metalsmithing class is also today intensive and is for those who have completed the beginning metalsmithing intensive. All these are options that you could have and we really appreciate your interest in all things that we do. We are always continuing to create different projects and are creative urges never fully satisfied. The fact that we continue to be to be treated as an incredible thing and we really love every opportunity presents.