First off, not only are our Art Classes Tulsa different from many other companies who claim to do the same thing, but our products and our story, as well as every other aspect of our business is different from other similar companies. We do have a team people but we still maintain the fact that most of our items are handmade and fabricated by hand right here in the shop. This offers a very exciting and genuine experience for you and this is unlike experience you can get anywhere else.

That being said, there are many other places who do not offer Art Classes Tulsa or do not offer the option for you to learn all the different skills that they are showing every day. We are somebody who loves to share knowledge and we could know Sears is doing anything other than creating every single day. Is very addicting to be able to create things to be Alysia project, through all the way to the end. Gives you a very large sense of pride and accomplishment and it is very good for self-esteem building.

Also, our Art Classes Tulsa are good for the heart and so many other things that we do and so are also the same thing. If you just click over on our online store then you will notice still more reasons why we are very different from other similar companies. Of the very top of this page you will read the had title that says welcome to Garden Deva. Directly below this you will see the option that titles the rest of the pieces underneath which says brand-new!

All the items below this are brand-new things that are out on our market and it features a bunch of different kinds of items. First of all, are happy flamingo is coming right at you and that is starting at $48. Directly next to this on the rights/middle side you’ll see that the summer pineapple option is $28. Still further to the right side or on the right-hand column you’ll see that the bashful flamingo is going for $48.

Another reason why we are so different from other companies is because we really put so much thought and time to our pieces. For example, in the Garden of life sculpture is a piece that we made to commemorate one of the worst racial violence accident history. When what they called back then as black Wall Street happen and there was a massacre it was very crazy and it is a very shameful thing. In light of this we have created the sculpture has symbolizes a gesture of apology, peace, and reconciliation. We could not think of a better purpose to be able to express our talents and show that we are really trying to make a difference. In addition to this 40% of our sales of this piece will be donated to the Greenwood cultural Center which is located in Tulsa Oklahoma and it is their mission in life to preserve all the African-American heritage and to promote positivity and cultural experiences as well as the encouragement of cultural tourism.

Art Classes Tulsa | What Do You Pride Yourselves On?

Not only do we provide so many Art Classes Tulsa but that is not the only thing we’re all about. We also have a very strong set of core values and beliefs. First of all, we really believe strongly that you should never cut corners and you should never lie to people. There is no excuse for not being honest and not having the highest level of integrity at any given time. We really care about people and we go on our way our show people we care for them, supporting a number of different causes.

As we told you a little bit about before, other than our Art Classes Tulsa we also do pieces to commemorate different things. We told you little bit about the Garden of life sculpture and right now he would like to tell you a little bit more about it. The sculpture stanza 16 just all and is welded right onto the base. It works very well on a tabletop or in a garden. What this is made from is a natural seal finish and it really will develop a rust patina over time which is very desirable.

In addition to the Art Classes Tulsa we also give you the option to support this amazing cause and to really hit home the fact that we have really good core values. We believe in family, friends, peace, and hope and nobody is going to convince us otherwise because this is truly who we are. One of our core values believes that the art itself is much more important than the money or the profit associated with. We were to each and every morning and we love what we do, not being able to see ourselves doing anything else.

We do an incredible job of reaching out and connecting with people trying to help everyone else we can at the same time. Because I very hope for a lot of different people were involved in the artistic community here in Tulsa Oklahoma, we are kind of a conduit and a platform for people to get to know each other. This affords us the opportunity to get to know a lot of them on a much deeper level and to collaborate with them whatever is necessary.

A lot of times we realize that we share the same core values and we believe in the same things. These people will come in and we will all inspire each other and feel even better when we leave then we did when we first got there. It is incredible how many talented people there are in this city and all we wanted to be a to share our creativity with you as well as share anybody else’s creative works with whoever we can. We really does have a thirst and a desire to really create things and to be able to create an opportunity for beautiful things to build the showcase and to be able to find new homes. We put a lot of value in handmade stuff because it is stress on another level.