We provide the best Art Classes Tulsa in the area. Garden Deva specializes in metal fabrication and other creative services in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We have a beautiful our studio and shop where we create all of our custom-built metal sculptures for homes, gardens, businesses, and nonprofits. Our beautiful work is probably showcased in our studio, along with other local artists. Our gallery is a hub for creative and community events in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.

We offer Art Classes Tulsa that provides a hand on experience for everyone. Here at Garden Deva, we specialize in creating a wonderful environment where you can learn about art and express your creative ability. Our workshops range from metal sculptures, hand stamping, and jewelry making. Our workshops are held almost every single weekend and we encourage you to take some time out of your weekend to be creative and have some fun. We are sure that you will thoroughly enjoy our amazing workshops whether you come by yourself or with a friend. We even have a special deal for those who bring a friend, where you will save $15. We can promise that you will have a wonderful time at our classes and workshops.

Our goal is a company is to provide the best Art Classes Tulsa. While many other art classes do not provide a wonderful customer experience, our main goal is to make sure that you have a great time. We will not require any experience to be in our workshops, rather we want to be able to teach you everything you need to know. We want you to relax and have fun in our beautiful studio while you are learning from a true our professional. Our artist, Lisa, is very passionate about teaching our customers the passion that she has for metal artwork.

You see why our our company is the best, when you attend a class were by piece of our work from our artist. While we mostly specialize in our wonderful art classes, you can also buy our artists work online at our website. You will be able to browse all of the beautiful work that she has created We provide art of the greatest quality and most beautiful design. The artwork that you either buy or create will look beautiful in your home or business. We hope that you are proud of the artwork that you either buy or create, and that you will want to tell others about the amazing experience you had with us here at Garden Deva.

If you have any questions or want to sign up for a workshop with us at Garden Deva, then you need to visit our amazing website. It is there that you will find the schedule of our workshops, which we hope that you sign up for. You can find our website at shop.gardendeva.com and we hope that you are impressed with what you see. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us via phone at 918-592-3382. Please let us give you the best art class experience that you’ve ever had.

What Will We Be Making At Your Art Classes Tulsa?


You are sure to expect the best art classes Tulsa through Garden Deva. We truly are one of the best art and workshop companies in Tulsa, Oklahoma. You will love your experience that you have with us, whether you attend a workshop or buy from our artist. You will be impressed to find out that we have had over two decades of experience in both creating artwork and teaching workshops. You can expect an excellent quality of service either on the phone or in person. We would love to show you why even expects nothing but excellence from our company.

We want you to experience Art Classes Tulsa at Garden Deva. We truly love we do here and we want to share with the world. Our amazing founder and artist, Lisa, is passionate about teaching and sharing her art talents. You will clearly be able to see the care and thought that goes into each class that is held at our studio. We really care about giving each customer the best experience possible. You’ll be impressed with the amazing service that we can provide for you here at Garden Deva.

If you are not wanting to stay in Art Classes Tulsa, you will be able to still shop our artist beautiful artwork on our website. You will be highly impressed with the amazing quality and designs of our founders are pieces that are available for you. You can either shop two different ways. You can shop from the pre-made products that are on our website, or you can request a custom art piece that commission. You will find that no matter how you shop, you will experience a great turnaround time and customer experience. If there is any problem with ordering or requesting a custom work, we can assure you that we will address it. We want to make sure that you have the best experience possible when buying our amazing artwork.

We can make sure that you will expect nothing but great things from our company at Garden Deva. We truly want to be the best service art company in Tulsa Oklahoma. You will surely love everything about our little business, from our studio to our workshops. We have the most amazing artists on our team, along with the family that runs the business side of our operation. We all love her we do, which makes our job easy and fun. You will be able to see how passionate we are about helping others find a creative outlet.

Even if you have no experience in art, you will be sure to enjoy our amazing workshops and art classes. If those don’t sound right for you either, then you will be able to shop our products through our amazing website, shop.gardendeva.com. We have the you give us a call when you have any questions so that we can answer them. You will love the amazing service you receive with us here at Garden Deva. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about purchasing an artwork, or attending a workshop.