If you have ever tried art classes Tulsa with other art companies, you may have experienced a lack of personal touch. Here at Garden Deva, we commit to serving our customers with the best service that you’ve ever seen. Many other artists are not great at communicating were teaching other people, however our amazing artist and founder if you to share her passion with anyone and everyone. You’ll find many differences between our amazing company and others in the Tulsa area.

Our Art Classes Tulsa are the best of the best. You will not find more our classes like ours anywhere else. We provide each workshop with an amazing customer service experience, where we truly focus on you. You do not need any previous experience when attending our workshops, as we will teach you everything you need to know. Our amazing artist is very knowledgeable at what she does, she’s been creating beautiful sculptures for over 20 years. She specializes in whimsical sculptures made from metal fabrication. Her unique pieces of our are all over the city, and she loves to create for both individuals and businesses.

Garden Deva hosts specialty art classes Tulsa. While many other art classes that you may find are strictly painting, we specialize in workshops as many different kinds. You may find a workshop on jewelry making, metal stamping, or even metal fabrication to create beautiful outdoor sculptures. We enjoy being different than other art companies around the Tulsa area. We offer a great customer service experience that is different from any other art class that you’ve ever experienced. We offer an hands-on approach and allow you to take your creativity to the next level.

You will learn more through our art classes and workshops then at any other in the state. We look forward to showing you how we create our beautiful metal sculptures, jury, and other products through metal fabrication. This is a medium that not many people are familiar with, which is why we love teaching it. We love being able to share our passion with others in the Tulsa area. You will be very impressed with the quality of service you will receive here at Garden Deva.

We hope that you give our website a visit, so that you can read all of the amazing reviews that customers have left on our website. You are certainly impressed with all the our customers have to say about Garden Deva. You can browse our website at shop.gardendeva.com for more information about all of our workshop and that we offer. You can see a full schedule and sign up for them online. You can also give us a call at garden numbers that we can talk about which workshop would be best for you. If you have questions about ordering a custom art piece, you can also give us a call or fill out the form on our website.

What Do You Teach At Your Art Classes Tulsa?


It is important to look around when you’re searching for art classes Tulsa. While this area offers many different options for a creative outlet, there are very few companies that are committed you experience. Garden Deva is one of the best art class and workshop companies that you can choose. We have a rich history of creative and beautiful art find in metal fabrication, and we have been teaching amazing workshops for many years. It is important that you search for the things when looking for a fun our class in Tulsa. So things to look out for are a customer service experience, a creative environment, and a reasonable price.

Our customer experience is the best of all art classes Tulsa. Garden Deva is committed to serving our community through providing a creative outlet for any and all groups of people. We look forward to teaching even if there are doors the importance of being creative and having fun. We will teach each person a hands-on experience with metal fabrication and creative design. Many other companies do not allow the customer to be creative and actually learn during the process. Many companies like to do a class that is centered on creating an exact replica of the teachers artwork. We allow each person to be truly creative and express themselves through their work.

We also provide the most creative environment for Art Classes Tulsa. We are very uplifting and encouraging to the person that wants our door. You do not have to have a specific talent or experience to complete and have fun during our workshops. While it always does help to have an interest in art, our classes are for everyone. We truly enjoy getting to teach evil of all ages and skill levels the amazing world of creative design. You will surely love the environment of our classes, as we truly want to provide for you the best experience. You will enjoy a the atmosphere of creativity and stress relief.

When searching for art classes in the area, you should look at how much you’re wanting to spend. Many companies try to rip you off by charging you an arm and leg for just a short amount of time in their studio. We truly want to give you a worthwhile experience that is easy on your pocket. While we do work with extensive and expensive materials, we try to keep our prices as reasonable as possible. We can assure you that you will enjoy every minute during our workshop, which makes every dollar you pay worth it.

When searching for a fun art class in Tulsa, be sure to contact us here at Garden Deva. We truly want to provide a wonderful workshop just for you, so we hope that you check out our website for more information. You can find all the workshops available at shop.gardendeva.com, along with a shop for all of your art needs. We truly wish to serve you best, which is why she give us a call at 918-592-3382 anytime.