Well, you may be wondering to yourself how the Art Classes in Tulsa that we offer came about in the first place. If you look far back on our history and history of our founder who is also our leading artists you will get a little bit of a sense of why we were created and what our mission has always been. Our owner has very deep roots in the culture here in Tulsa. When she grew up she was the daughter of a single mother and this mother operated a business in Tulsa and in other places as well. Lisa soon developed a very entrepreneurial spirit.

As she yearned to take Art Classes in Tulsa, her hunger for creativity and being to create things kept growing. Shows you to admire her mother in action and realize how successful she wasn’t what you doing. Now, the founder Artie had a very natural artistic ability as well as a desire to grow her own company. These two combined factors made her company and absolute success because she was able to do what a lot of people find it very difficult to do, combining your two passions into one purpose.

Now not only does she teach Art Classes in Tulsa but she is teaching as many of the lessons on the daily basis. She learned a ton from all of her boys. She was a single mother of four boys. She needed to take advantage of her talent and make it into the business as well. That is when the business was born. The name of the second word in the business means happy spirit. Way back in 1996 he began making all different whimsical metal sculptures. She really just hope to fill all different spaces with happy and positive visuals.

After she did this for a little while she eventually gain the opportunity to teach these are classes. All of her art is now found in and out all over the city of.. You find her art in public buildings as well as in private homes. Her work really got notice on a national level because you’ve been featured in better homes and Gardens. She is also been seen on HGTV and treehouse masters as well as some other media outlets. She always is creating custom pieces and custom signature collections. At one time she was able to gain the attention of the US Postal Service and her photo was featured on a holiday stamp.

So, the passion that she has is the reason we started this business and she was doing when they’re in the very beginning. In the spirit of our business runs Lisa hand cut several Christmas revision every year and issue another different design than the year before. She misses into different sizes from 7 inches to 4 inches. It really looks forward to all of the other parts of the holiday collection. It is often everybody’s favorite part of class or product.

Art Classes In Tulsa |How Long Have You Been In Business?

There is an even more in-depth history of our Art Classes in Tulsa as well as the rest of our business. At this point we can pick up by telling you more about the other one of our owners whose name is Kari. The interesting part of our history is that she is the daughter of a husband and wife who now are also co-owners of the company. They all about pieces of the same time and now all three of them worked for the company as workers and co-owners. This is an incredible thing in is a very rare opportunity that we took advantage of.

In addition to teaching them how to teach Art Classes in Tulsa and learning all about the business, Kari let them know that originally she moved from Louisiana all the way up here in order to attend Oral Roberts University. Roberts she holds a degree in finance. She really enjoys everything that goes along with coordinating events. We are adding so many more fun classes and she is one of the driving motive behind making this possibility into a reality.

Because we are adding so many new Art Classes in Tulsa we know that there be a lot of ones that people are very excited about. A little bit more for you about Kari in our history; you may not have known this but she is a bassist and she played on scholarship at the University. She also makes use of her skills as she plays for local band which is called the lonelys. Throughout their time of the span they really like to pay tribute to all the music that came out in the 60s. They played at a number to the locations. Some of these locations include the Guthrie grain, and at the colony which is a local music venue.

Whenever we have garden deva events you should be sure to look out for the span because they are usually right up there in the lineup with all the rest of the bands that play of these events. It is one of our core values that we really love to value and foster the growth of all different types of arts which includes local musicians and artists. This is an incredible opportunity for us to be of the do what we love while the same time helping others to become successful and to do what they love at the same time.

There is nothing much better in the world than doing things for other people. The feeling that you get when you’re able to give rather than receive is a lot different. There is almost no feeling in the world is like this. We try to exercise this each and every day and we try to pass on all the creativity. We believe that you will leave this world at one time and the world will either be prettier or uglier with you gone. This is something that you should really consider and think about what you want to leave behind.