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Whether you are curious about metal art or are looking for a new fun event to take the whole crew to then art classes Tulsa at Garden Deva is exactly what you are looking for! Let your creative juices flow and spend an evening in our imaginative shop where you will create your very own custom art. Give us a call and ask us about what art classes we are currently featuring and what times we have available if you are wanting to book a private art class with us. We love opening our doors to guests who have a desire to learn more about how our custom art is created. Our art classes is a perfect opportunity for you to try your hand at our metal art creation, or one of our other classes, in a comfortable environment where you are surrounded by other guests who are learning at the same level you are. With an artists guiding you the entire time you will have clear directions on what to do so that you are able to feel confident and creative while you try something new. Because we have art classes that are great for all ages you are able to pick the right class for your group, and if you are needing guidance then please call us so that we can custom create the right art class for you! Here are a couple of great events to book here at Garden Deva and reasons why you should host your next event with us!

Our art classes Tulsa are perfect for:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Bachelorette Parties
  • Girl’s Night
  • Corporate Events
  • Date Night



  • Perfect for Team Building
  • Interactive Date Night
  • Learn from Skilled Artists
  • Find Passion for a New Activity
  • Support Local Art

Art Classes Tulsa Screen Shot 2019 08 02For years, Garden Deva has provided art classes Tulsa for the creative weekend warrior and private corporate team-building classes. They vary in length from two to three hours. The metal workshops allow a fun atmosphere in which to learn how to work with metal. Participants actually create their own pieces with a hand-held plasma torch and weld as needed to complete. They are guided and can be assisted or just supervised as their own art takes shape. We have beginner and intermediate classes. If you would like a hands-on experience in the metal workshop at Garden Deva, Click here to learn more and schedule a class!

We’ve recently added more art classes Tulsa for beautiful metal-and-bead wind chimes. They have been popular as participants are able to enjoy a warm, fun atmosphere and take home a personalized wind chime. This also gives an opportunity for nearly all ages to come in and participate as the wind chimes are not as intense as the metal art. We love being able to watch all the vibrant colors and sounds of laughter fill the workshop during this art classes Tulsa event.

Art Classes Tulsa | Woman Decorating Metal Art

Participants can join scheduled art classes Tulsa or reserve their own private event. Metal and art classes Tulsa are great for corporate events and team-building. Metal components can be customized that are to be constructed and/or beaded. Our class attendees enter Garden Deva quietly, and when they’ve completed the event, smiles and relaxed postures are everywhere. Please contact us to see how we can coordinate an event that meets your goals.

We love working with our guests to design the perfect event for you. Whether you are looking for something more kid friendly or a challenging art class Tulsa that allows you to really expand your skills then we can create the perfect art class for you! Have the opportunity to decorate the space to celebrate your event, and ask us about the additional add ons we can provide to elevate your event! Whether you are looking for just a weekend pass time or are planning an event for the entire crew, our art classes Tulsa are perfect for all!

If you enjoy one of our classes then while you are here you should ask us about some of our events. We have vendors set up along with other artists that are all local so that you can explore other talents in the area. Be able to listen to local musicians while meeting other people in the community and shopping some of the custom handcrafted art that Tulsa is filled with! Everyday we meet another artist in Tulsa who is incredibly passionate and gifted, it reminds us of our very own Lisa Regan. This excites us as our very own Garden Deva was created by someone who was at one point by an artist just like them and is a haven for people who want a place where they can have an outlet for their creativity. We especially love when someone comes to one of our art classes Tulsa to quickly realize that art is a passion they never knew they had and that metal art might be their medium of choice.

The workshops and art classes Tulsa are wonderful and can be modified to suit almost any age, from birthday parties, family nights, ladies’ nights, and reason to gather that one can imagine. Our artists have wonderful skills and can organize almost any type of workshop; beading, painting, jewelry, home décor, etc. Just ask! Participate with friends for an amazing experience and a beautiful gift! You’ll be sure that our friends and family will have a night to remember and they’ll always be talking about how fun it was that time you took them to Garden Deva for an art classes Tulsa.

We are adding several special art classes Tulsa in the Spring 2020. Check back with us as we add details and photos. And of course if you are looking to plan a birthday party, girls night, or needing a new team building activity then call us today so that we can give you different dates and art classes Tulsa to choose from! At Garden Deva our mission is to serve you so whether you are needing more details for an event or are just looking to book your next date night then please reach out so that we can get you on the schedule!

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