About Us

Garden Deva Sculpture Company is located in the heart of The Pearl District, near downtown in Tulsa, Oklahoma where we offer everything from custom metal art to art classes Tulsa. We are an art studio and metal fabrication shop, and we specialize in creating metal sculptures for homes, gardens, businesses, and nonprofits.

Lisa Regan, Founder & Lead Artist

Lisa Regan, artist and founder, has deep roots in Tulsa culture. Her single mother owned and operated businesses in Tulsa and elsewhere and Lisa developed her entrepreneurial spirit watching and admiring her successful mother in action. Mixing her natural artistic ability and desire to grow her own company made Garden Deva the perfect opportunity to combine her two passions into one!

When Lisa was a single mother of four boys, it was just a natural extension of herself to meld her creative talent with a business, and Garden Deva Sculpture (Deva means ‘happy spirit’) was born. She began creating whimsical metal sculptures in 1996, hoping to fill beautiful places with happy spirits with eventually having an opportunity to teach others through art classes Tulsa. Her art can now be found all over Tulsa; in gardens, public buildings, as well as private homes. It didn’t take long before her work was noticed on a national level. She has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens, on HGTV, and Treehouse Masters as well as other media. She continues to create custom pieces and collections of her signature whimsical metal art. She gained the attention of the U.S. Postal Service and a photo of her menorah was featured on a U.S. Postage holiday stamp.

Each year, Lisa hand cuts several Christmas trees, each with a whimsical design different from the year before. We make these collections in different sizes from 7” to 4’. We also look forward to the rest of her holiday collection. This is one of our favorite things to feature at the shop, although you can enjoy art classes Tulsa and our metal decor anytime of year, our favorite is being able to provide holiday decor and gifts that are full of whimsical beauty!

One of Lisa’s priorities is providing support to women, especially single mothers with a passion for the arts, in their quest to fulfill their purpose and provide for their families. She is a wonderful mentor and takes her time in sharing her encouragement and what she has learned through leading art classes Tulsa.

Kari Hackbarth, Co-Owner

Kari Hackbarth manages Garden Deva Sculpture and the team of artists who design, fabricate, paint, and finish each piece. She moved from Louisiana to attend Oral Roberts University, from which she holds a degree in finance. She enjoys creating and coordinating events, and Garden Deva is adding even more fun art classes Tulsa and other excuses to gather and listen to live music.

Kari is a bassist and played on scholarship at university and plays in a local band, The Lonelys, which pays tribute to the music of the 60’s. They’ve played on Guthrie Green and at The Colony, a local music venue. Sometimes the Lonelys are one of the lineup of musicians that play at Garden Deva events. It is this personal passion for the arts and supporting local musicians and artists that makes Garden Deva such a perfect adventure to Kari.

Greg & Penny Hackbarth, Co-Owner

Greg and Penny Hackbarth are originally from Louisiana. Five years ago, they decided to move to Oklahoma when it became obvious that their two grown children would be staying in Tulsa for the near future. They’ve worked in the gaming industry for over 20 years and the move made sense professionally and personally. So they made Okemah, about an hour from Tulsa, their home. They enjoy living in the country and commute each day to Tulsa so that they can keep expanding Garden Deva and hosting more art classes Tulsa. They have three dogs who also enjoy the country life.

Two years ago, when the time came to give the artist some relief from running an enterprise, Lisa sold Garden Deva Sculpture to Greg and Penny and Kari Hackbarth, their partner/daughter. She is able to provide creative direction, fill the Tulsa gallery with new pieces, and explore her newest artistic passion – painting while also hosting our art classes Tulsa. When the opportunity came to purchase Garden Deva Sculpture and work with Lisa, Greg, Penny, and Kari were excited to join the adventure and enter into Lisa’s whimsical world. They are dedicated to maintaining the Garden Deva legacy that Lisa began.

About Darling Tulsa, Garden Deva’s Home

Garden Deva moved last year into a renovated building on 3rd Street, also in the Pearl District, just blocks away from downtown Tulsa. This is a very artistic area of town that is rapidly expanding and growing! It has been extremely exciting to see over just the past year new restaurants, coffee shops, and even breweries all come to call the Pearl District their home. As this area breathes new life it has become the perfect place for us with our art classes Tulsa and whimsical garden decor. We’ve had two Open Studios that were enjoyed by Tulsans who enjoy community, art, and music. We are always planning our next event as the heart of what we do is being able to support and enjoy local artists while giving other Tulsans an excuses to come enjoy as well.

About Garden Deva

Garden Deva Sculpture offers Lisa’s legacy and new designs, design for customer ideas, custom products, some small repairs, and art classes Tulsa. Lisa continues commissions and Garden Deva works with her for her commissioned work. Joined by a team of other artists we are able to expand our enterprise and also offer more art classes Tulsa. So the next time you are looking for something to do or are in need of that perfect unique gift for that special someone then swing by Garden Deva! Enter into the magical world of imagination that we have cultivated right here in the heart of the Pearl District near downtown Tulsa where you can explore our shop and all of the other local gems that Tulsa has to offer.