About Garden Deva

Garden Deva Sculpture is one of the most darling gift shops Tulsa located in the Pearl District. It is home to the metal creations of Lisa Regan, our local, but nationally recognized artist. When you walk into Garden Deva, you immediately feel the joy and whimsy that she projects through her pieces. We believe that what an artist creates must reside within the artist and we feel joy whenever she is around! Deva means ‘happy spirit’ and that spirit resides in Lisa and is reflected in the gallery. When you visit, be sure to look up when you enter, even the light fixtures are metal flowers with vines!

It isn’t the typical place that you’d consider a gift shops Tulsa, but the unique pieces, workshops, and custom services are a perfect way to express what makes each relationship special. The very best gifts are those given that have meaning for the recipient. It conveys the love and attention to detail that are treasured in the closest relationships. Your friend or family member will absolutely know that you took extra care in choosing their gift.

You can find items Lisa has created that tell a story to someone you love; pet sculptures, wind chimes with special themes, many smaller deva sculptures, magnets of local landmarks and local school spirit yard poles, small words signs that encourage, and large sculptures that are one-of-a kind. This is what makes us different then all the other gift shops Tulsa in the area as our pieces are one of a kind and custom. We have wind chime kits that can be assembled at home that open the door for a relaxing, creative experience. So many things to choose that represent the interests and passions of family, friends, and coworkers.

All throughout Tulsa, you can see examples of Lisa’s creativity outside of our gift shops Tulsa location; the Tulsa Botanic Gardens, Brookside, Jenks schools, the Kaiser Foundation properties. Once you’ve been in the gallery, it is easy to recognize her work in so many public and private places in Tulsa.

Bruce Carter, an American Arts Council member, has a mini gallery of his jewelry and home items created from different metals, stones and found pieces. He also teaches many workshops available at Garden Deva.

His jewelry pieces are architectural and each has a special meaning. He is always happy to explain the origins and meaning of each of his pieces when you see him in our gift shops Tulsa. You can be assured that whatever he created will receive many compliments.

We are all realizing even more how important our relationships are to well-being. Our focus is evolving to place even higher priority on those moments and experiences we treasure. Many pieces in our gift shops Tulsa are reminders of experiences we’ve shared with others.

Sometimes, though, only something one-of-a-kind expresses a memory or bond we have with someone we love. We love to create unique pieces and truly appreciate the joy the gift-giver feels in offering something so intimate, it cannot be found on an impersonal rack in a retail store. We’ve created wall art that is a personal poem or a shared song, sculptures that commemorate pets or achievements, home décor pieces that are just perfect for a friend.

We’ve been asked to make multiples of custom-made items, such as wind chimes with group emblems as the centerpiece, magnets made especially for a cause, small association or logo sculptures, gifts for wedding parties, small gifts for non-profit donations, Christmas ornaments, the list is almost endless. If you have something in mind for your company, family, organization or special event, please ask.

And while you are shopping gift shops Tulsa, it doesn’t hurt to give a gift to yourself for your own home! We can make home address numbers, family crests, custom fire place screens, benches, garden sculptures, kitchen cabinet door inserts, etc., any of which can be designed just for your home.

In 2020, so much of our attention has been directed even more to our homes and what nurtures us in our home environment. We tend to decorate our homes in a certain motif and complementing pieces can be hard to find. We can match and enhance the statement you make in your home with custom pieces made just for you.

Garden Deva Sculpture also recognizes that shared experiences give memories that last forever. You can gift a workshop to someone for a birthday, or schedule a workshop that you and your friends will enjoy together. Garden Deva workshops keep you in the moment with your loved one and provide a memory of a shared hands-on experience. We’ve created a safe environment so small groups can be comfortable and also enjoy their time together. It’s a great place to enjoy the company of others as you explore all the gift shops Tulsa that this beautiful city has to offer. Our workshops are all indoors, so they can be attended regardless of weather. You don’t have to be concerned that your plans may have to change at the last minute.

There are plasma-cutting classes (suitable for almost everyone) where you can make a piece designed and made by you. Each person takes home two pieces that you can keep or give to your friends and family as a gift. You can bead and string wind chimes in our wind chime workshops with your favorite friend or group of friends. You choose the wind chime centerpiece and we have a wonderful selection of beautiful beads that catch the light and work with your favorite colors. Our jewelry engraving, form-folding, ring-making and enamel workshops are all favorites! We also have painting classes with our artists. It is such a wonderful opportunity to explore your creativity while also indulging in some shopping through our gift shops Tulsa.

We’ve had company, family, school, and club workshops and every one of them has been a special experience. In fact, some of our customers have booked multiple workshops after they’ve attended their first one! Most workshops are limited to either five or six people, depending on which you choose.

We love our customers! Garden Deva is a unique gift shops Tulsa that is worth the visit. We promise to take the time you need to find or make the items that express your inner ‘deva’! Please visit our gallery and take time to wander around and enjoy the atmosphere and the art! We look forward to meeting you and hearing what you’d like that will share your happy spirit with your loved ones.