Find Your Weird or Wacky Tulsa Garden Metal Art

Creativity is the driving force behind every single one of our Tulsa garden metal art pieces. It’s the belief that even though something doesn’t exist, doesn’t mean it can’t. Lisa Regan is passionate about what she does and exploring new ideas, concepts, and pieces. No matter how weird or wacky, if she can dream it, she can make. But it doesn’t stop there. She wants you to buy into that concept and dream up your own pieces.

Here’s how you can walk away with a weird and wacky piece.

1. Metal Workshops

We’ve talked about our workshops in other articles but this is one of the ways to produce a one of a kind piece. The goal of every workshop is to allow our customers to take the reigns of creation. Each person is able to dream up a concept and then make it happen! So much of life is having the dream and then the right tools to create. We provide these tools through our weekend workshop.

2. Custom Design Project

If you can’t find the Tulsa garden metal art you want, let’s make it for you. Throughout the years, Lisa has produced many custom pieces for different clients. No matter if it’s just for you or for your business, we help you bring your idea to life. You can view our custom pieces on the website or simply give us a call to take the concept. Lisa wants everyone to have the piece they’re looking for and be happy with the result at the end of the day.

2. Find It Here!

Chances are that what you are looking for might already be in the store or online. If you live in the Tulsa area, come check out our storefront. Don’t live in Tulsa? No problem! We ship our items all over the country and are happy to share what we make locally with others. Check out our online store and hunt through the categories to find what you want. Our items range from animals to trellises, to benches, and other wild concepts. Find the original piece that your garden, home, or business needs.

For more information about our wild, weird, and wacky Tulsa garden metal art browse the website.

Your wild and weird Tulsa garden metal art piece is waiting for you

We are excited to help people find something different and something that means something to them. Your wild and weird art piece is waiting for you. Let’s help you take one home.