Learn More About Lisa Regan’s Metal Garden Art

Lisa Regan is not only a creator of metal garden art but a big believer in doing what you love. We were all made to contribute something to the world and make our mark. But making a difference is a lot easier when you are doing what you love. We all have gifts, talents, and things in life that we are drawn to.

Why should you do what you love?

1. Passion Fuels Motivation

When you love something you are passionate about it. And passion fuels motivation. We all have to work in some way or another, there’s no way around it. But if you are going work you might as well do something you’re passionate about. It’s a lot easier to work and create when you are fueled by your passion to see something get done. You will find that your motivation for something will increase when it’s something you care about.

2. Finding Joy

Now just because you are doing what you love doesn’t mean you’ll be happy all the time doing it. There will be hard times, difficult days, and some days when you don’t want to do any of it. But despite how you feel, you can still have joy in what you do. Happiness comes and goes, but being joyful no matter what is something completely different. When you are doing what you really love, you will always have joy even on the days that are a little tougher.

3. Fail At What You Love

As stated before we all have to work. And when it comes to working and creating there’s a chance of failure. But the chances of a failing doing what you don’t want to do are the same as failing at doing what you do want to do. You might as well try at the thing you love. Failure happens and we all come up short, but wouldn’t you rather fail trying to build a life you want?

Everyone has something they bring to the table and something that they love to do. For Lisa Regan, it’s creating metal garden art and custom pieces for people all over the country.

While it might not be metal garden art creation, ask yourself what is it that you love to do. But more importantly, are you doing it?