Find Tulsa Garden Metal Art You’re Looking For

Garden Deva focuses on designing and producing ideal Tulsa garden metal art that compliments the customer. Over the years, Lisa Regan has produced several different types of items that cater to different people. The goal of any garden or happy place is to have it filled with art that means something to you. There’s no better way to relax and unplug from the day than to be surrounded by things you love.

Here are a few of the items that you can find in our online shop and our store front in Tulsa.

1. The Animal Lover

We have a wide range of different animals! For all you dog lovers, cat lovers, or horse lovers, we have several different types of metal sculptures for you. If you look throughout our shopping cart you can find the animal you love and have it be a part of your happy place. There’s nothing better than sitting and relaxing with you favorite animals all around you. Find the piece that you love the most and let’s make it a part of your collection.

2. The Local Lover

Even though we have customers from all across the country we never forget our roots. When you walk into the store or shop online you will find pieces that highlight the great city of Tulsa. Pieces that include Oklahoma, Will Rogers, and the Golden Driller are all available for purchase. If you are looking to show the love you have for your state or city, we can help you with a Tulsa garden metal art piece for your home! Just click Oklahoma Pride on our shopping cart and find the piece that you love the most!

3. The Holiday Lover

Who doesn’t love the holidays? We know that Christmas is still a long way off but we have a plenty of seasonal items for purchase. It’s never too soon to be thinking about decorating or even purchasing a piece for a friend. Fill the outside of your home with Santa’s Sleigh, a metal Reindeer, or even an Angel! These pieces are not only beautiful, but they’ll set you apart from all of the other typical holiday decor.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for let us know! Lisa is known for her custom projects and perhaps we can make something just for you. Remember, our goal is to help you fill your space with happy spirits and beautiful metal sculptures.

Garden Deva focuses on designing and producing ideal Tulsa garden metal art that compliments the customer.

Find your Tulsa garden metal art piece with Garden Deva!