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If we, citizens, do not support our artists, then we sacrifice our imagination on the altar of crude reality and we end up believing in nothing and having worthless dreams.”

– Yann Martel –

Art is one of the main building blocks of society. The artists can be often ignored for the simple fact that we don’t see the value in such things. But the truth is that art is the capacity to dream and to see beyond the world that we have. For thousands of years, art has been the expression of brighter tomorrows, innovation, as well as a shifting in perspective. We’d like to share what we believe art brings to the table in sociality as well as the importance of it.

1. Art Is Change

One thing is certain, art changes people. It has the ability to provoke emotion and renew a perspective. It is by far one of the most powerful avenues to express an opinion as well as a desire for change. For centuries artists have taken their core beliefs and put it in a form that can be used to speak without words.

2. Art is Restoration

The world can be hard, ugly, as well as harmful to the soul. The soul requires rest and restoration. Nature, beauty, and art is one of the best ways to restore the broken pieces of the soul. Lisa Regan produces metal garden art that is meant to settle and restore the busyness of the soul. These pieces belong in gardens, a nature-based area, that allows rest to flood the owner.

3. Art Is Courage

Often times in the world we see things that are wrong or harmful to those around us. But sometimes words or speeches are not enough to invoke change. This is where art comes in. Artists who are unable to get their points across use paint, metal, or paper to showcase an idea. For those who are afraid to speak out, art allows what needs to be said to be said. And sometimes, it can be much more powerful then if it was spoken.

Investing in art and allowing it to be a part of our society is being a partner to change. By believing in art, we are believing that the world can be different, better, as well as a happier place for all of us. By investing in art, we are allowing thoughts, viewpoints, and magic to flow throughout our community.

For more information regarding our metal garden art and how to invest in a piece of your own shop online!For more information regarding our metal garden art and how to invest in a piece of your own shop online!