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Life can be a lot of things but most of the time life is busy, stressful, and always moving faster than we can keep up. Each one of us is immersed in a world filled with to-do lists, checklists, children, relationships, and the constant pursuit to make our mark on the world. We find ourselves moving, running, and going at a rapid pace but never truly giving ourselves what it is we need; rest.

With the world constantly moving and expanding, it becomes difficult to find time to simply just rest. We must take time to recover from the day to day hustle but often times there is no place to find it. Garden Deva believes that in order to find this place we must create it. A place that is filled with sunlight, nature, and a place that is off the grid from the rest of the world. A place that is filled with happy spirits.

Garden Deva creates Tulsa garden metal art for the purpose of filling that special place with things that bring peace. It’s not just about having a place but what you fill that place with that determines the atmosphere. It is our hope that when you walk into our store or shop online that you find pieces that grab you. This is more than just metal work, but pieces that mean different things to different people.

That is the beauty of art. The artist may have an idea in mind behind the meaning but it can translate into something different for each person. The goal is that you find a piece that means something to you and can have a place in your garden. All this is for the purpose of helping you create a place that is restful, peaceful, and gives you the chance to recover from the stress of the world.

We have to take time to rest. It is vital to who we are as humans and creators. Often times we spend some much time working but never having the opportunity to truly enjoy that we’ve worked for. The buzz word of the world is hustle but we can’t forget the reason why we hustle. We work hard in order to enjoy this life, the people in it, and give back to those around us. When we are stressed and tired this can lead to irritation which pours over into every aspect of our life. Finding and purchasing Tulsa garden metal art is a chance to create a place that is just for you. A place to restore your spirit and give you the chance to find yourself again before going out into world.

Tulsa Garden Metal Art Helps Create Your Place


Create your place with Tulsa garden metal art from Garden Deva.


Garden Deva was birthed out of a passion to create beautiful pieces and to share those pieces with the world. When you walk into the storefront, time slows down. It gives you a chance to breathe and simply enjoy the sunlight coming in from the windows. You’re taken back by the paintings, the metal sculptures, and the staff who is always happy to see you. This is your chance to take what we have created. And with that, create a place that is truly filled with happy spirits.

A place that captures who you are and restores you to the person you were before life overwhelmed you. Life is a beautiful thing but sometimes it can overtake us. But that isn’t the way it was meant to be. Life is here for us to enjoy, to live, and to ultimate contribute back to. So take a breath, step inside our store or online store, and find the pieces that speak to you. Most of them are saying the same thing. Be at peace, be at rest, and enjoy the life you have.