About Garden Deva Sculpture Company

Garden Deva Sculpture Company is located just outside vibrant downtown Tulsa, OK.  Our colorful brick building is easy to spot at 317 S. Trenton Ave.; just down Trenton from the famous Church Recording Studio & Nelson's Buffeteria.  We have a 3,000+ square foot gallery that is open to the public weekdays (from 10am-4pm), and seasonally on Saturdays (from 10am - 2pm).  The gallery is well-stocked with many of Lisa’s creations, large and small, and also features work from dozens of other local artists.
The pieces listed within the "shop online" portion of this site are all stock pieces.  Custom sculptural and functional fabrication is also available - please call or email us at info@gardendeva.com, to help develop and quote your request.
Adjacent to the gallery is our industrial metal studio, where all of our sculptures are handmade by Lisa, and the family.  If you come to visit, you will most likely hear the buzz and hum from torches, grinders, and welders all being put to good use! We are proud to be able to create all of our pieces here on site, and encourage you to come by and get a first-hand look at what we do.

About Lisa Regan

Lisa Regan has been cutting metal for almost twenty years. After finding success selling her sculptures at regional art fairs, she took the plunge in 1996, quitting her "9 to 5 pantyhose job”, and going into business for herself. Since then, Garden Deva Sculpture has done things that Lisa could have only dreamed were possible.   She has gone from sculpting with scrap metal and a borrowed torch, to owning her own building & equipment, and working with her family. Her work can be seen all over Tulsa; in museums, parks, schools, libraries, restaurants, youth centers, and private collections.  Lisa continues to come up with new original designs and ideas daily, and still enjoys travelling the country selling her works at fine art festivals. 

In addition to the works shown on this site, and at art shows nationwide, Garden Deva's pieces can also be found in hundreds of galleries, boutiques shops, and garden centers in almost every state.  To find out if we're carried in your home-state, please call or email.

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