About Garden Deva

Garden Deva Sculpture Company is located in the heart The Pearl District, near downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. The vibrant, colorful building, just South of 3rd & Trenton, is surrounded by beautiful gardens and Garden Deva metal artwork.

Artist, Lisa Regan, began this business in 1996, naming it after inspiration from one of her favorite films. In the story, happy garden spirits, called Devas, sought to bring life to barren soil. The word “garden” translates to “beautiful place”, and thus, Garden Deva was born, where we hope to fill your beautiful places with happy spirits.

Our 3,000 sq. ft. gallery is open to the public Tuesday thru Saturday 11am – 3pm, throughout the winter. Within the studio, you will not only see the work of Lisa Regan, but 10 – 15 featured artists within the cooperative gallery. Providing a space to support local artists and to show their work is a core goal that Garden Deva is proud to have achieved. Starting mid-life as a full-time artist, Lisa knows that support from fellow artists and the community is key to the continued growth of Tulsa’s thriving artistic culture.

Next to the gallery is the industrial metal shop, where Lisa and the crew create the handmade artwork. Every piece is created within the building. Garden Deva also offers classes where, in Lisa’s own words, “I open up my studio, with some guidance, to explore and create.”

We welcome you to join us here in Tulsa, but if you can’t make it to the studio, our site is here to bring Garden Deva to you. Contact us to develop a quote for custom signs or other sculptures.

About Artist & Founder Lisa Regan

Lisa Regan’s passion for art began at a young age, but didn’t develop into a career until later in life. In her 30s, Lisa not only discovered that she has a talent for metalwork, but that people believed in her artistry and were willing to pay for her work. After seeing success in regional art fairs, she quickly quit her 9-5 and whole-heartedly pursued this new path that not only put food on the table for her four sons, but also fed her soul.

Lisa landed a contract with Better Homes & Gardens early in her career, which helped jumpstart her path to success and spread the word about her innovative metalwork. She went on to have her work displayed across Tulsa in museums, parks, schools, libraries, restaurants, youth centers, and private collections. Now, almost 20 years later, Lisa has surpassed her wildest dreams, and Garden Deva is a household name. To view some of her larger custom projects, be sure to visit her portfolio on the Commissions page.

Like all artists, Lisa is constantly exploring her craft and skills. Her love for the combination of fire and metal constantly inspires her to create and. Lisa encourages all who visit her studio and site to “Be possessed of the patience and stability to keep on moving in the directions of your dreams.”

“If you don’t love what you do you’re screwed.” 

– Lisa Regan –

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Phone: 918.592.3382

Fax: 918.592.7604

Email: info@gardendeva.com

Address: 317 South Trenton Ave Tulsa, Ok

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